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    Raya Medine and Isa Totah play Aysha and Jay at the LA "America" reading.

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    Mike Batayeh, Maz Jobrani, Eric Matheny and Will Potter as "The Boys" — LA reading.

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    One of two dynamic script readings held in LA to packed theaters.

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    A major locale of "America" - the family store, Murphy's.

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    Young Arab-Americans dance a traditional "dabke"

Lots happening in the quest to bring America to the big screen everywhere! We can't get into details just yet, but check in for the latest updates.

America, Studio 9’s upcoming feature is a groundbreaking coming-of-age film about young Arab-Americans which opens a hilarious window onto this little known sector of the American population.    
The film is being produced by Academy Award winning producer, Mark Johnson and the legendary casting director/producer, Lou DigiaimoAmerica will be their second producing collaboration - Donnie Brasco being their first. Studio 9's founder, Isa Totah, will direct.
Interviewed by Variety magazine, Mark Johnson compared America to - Diner, his first producing credit, calling it the “Arab-American Diner.” 
Johnson was given the America screenplay by Digiaimo.  They immediately began working to bring America to the big screen.  When asked by industry magazine Variety what project he believed was his next Oscar contender - Mark Johnson cited America as his pick.
This is a chance to give a voice to a vibrant and thriving part of our country that is still little understood by most Americans.  Many films that explore foreign cultures become caught up in how we differ from them, but this film shows how much we all have in common.
Mark Johnson